If you are a person who like to have healthy and nutritious smoothie as your daily intake, you should consider this blender. It’s Nutribullet Pro 900, the incredible nutrient extraction which definitely will transform every ingredient of your smoothie into an extraordinary set of nutrition.

Nutribullet Pro 900 comes with higher power plus some improvements from the predecessor Nutribullet 600 but still maintain the tradition to provide single-serve compact blender with small and sleek design that very easy to be assembled.

This series stands firm against the akin Nutri Ninja blender, yet more than a match for a few stress test categories. This distinctive blender also comes with more accessories as compared to other standard blenders. This blender authenticates the finest multitasker among the many single serving focused blenders available today.

Nutribullet ReviewDesign and Features

Previously, NutriBullet was designed with 12 pieces set in conjunction with a 600-watt motor. By the technology progress and high demands from the customers the Nutribullet blenders have evolved into the latest designed of a 15 piece 900-watt motor.

Both the models are available in the market today. The pro 900 watt blender is designed with a 900 series which comprises of 18 ounce cup, 24 ounce cup and a 32 ounce cup together with two extra blend attachments and a variety of lids for blending your smoothie, while the lid of this blender varies on the model. Both jars and the lids are made from strong BPA plastic material that safe for our body.

The mouths of the blender jars usually have equivalent circumference. This enables the user to screw any of the lid from the blender onto any jar. The blender’s blades also serves as lids to the entire lids. Once you put your ingredients into the jar, you can screw the blades to the top and flip the entire thing up. After you put it on the base, you can now push down to pulse it and the blades will start spin.

This stunning blender is designed with only one speed setting hence no need to major on various settings. With this blender, only a few seconds and you have your smoothie there.

NutriBullet has the ability to blend your ingredients continuously. Benefiting from the fact that the blender is designed with large jars, the 32 ounce cup allows for extra cycling of the tightly packed ingredients. Likewise to the 24 and 18 ounce cups.

NutriBullet is also designed with speed choices though limited. This increases the simplicity sleek appearance of the blender. When preparing your smoothie, in most cases the big ingredient pieces are put on top but due to flipping of the blender at 180 degrees between the propping and blending,  the load will hit the blender’s blades when you upend it into the right position.


NutriBullet has undergone testing for longevity. Most buyers always find the blades of this blender very strong but can break in situations where high pressure is involved. According to BlenderVersus.com this blender has also been tested on ice blending and strong holds up. NutriBullet takes in single serving blender smoothie with a lot of ease.

According to the many tests carried on, NutriBullet stands out as a rigid and powerful single serving blender though not as much as the NutriBullet 900. NutriBullet’s motor power is only 600-watts, juxtaposed to Nutribullet Pro 900 whose motor is way much powerful hence the difference.


  • 900 watt blender comes with one motor base
  • 1 Pocket Nutritionist
  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 32, 24 and 18 ounce jars with handles
  • 2 Resealable Lids
  • 1 User Guide and Recipe Book
  • 2 or 3 Lip Rings with Handles and one milling blade.
  • Each component has its own use in the blending of ingredients.


  • The NutriBullet 900 renders major of uniqueness in the field of blenders. Every body knows the competence of Vitamix in many applications of health improvements. NutriBullet has the ability of making big smoothie in just one jar.
  • NutriBullet pro 900 is designed with a powerful motor of 900 watts hence efficient power and less stress of the appliance.
  • NutriBullet pro 900 blender renders quick and engaging product that  bestows all the benefit of raw ingredient smoothies without calling for the steep start up.
  • The operation and handling of this blending appliance is simple as the blender comes along with a brochure on the operation.
  • The sleek design of the blender takes up less amount of space.
  • Apart from making smoothies, NutriBullet Pro serves other purposes. This blender has the ability to produce silky creaminess with just a few pulses.
  • The powerful 900 watt motor enables the blender to make homemade flours. It can break the seeds with ease.
  • The 900-watt motor also plays a big role in churning smoothies with the best consistency.
  • Less leakage and spills to the motor are less experienced in this blender.
  • The Leak Proofing design of this blender ensures less spilling of ingredients from the jars while pulsing.


  • The cleanup process of this blender can be challenging due to the cylindrical shape of the appliance.
  • The blades of this blender have high chances of breaking in cases of high pressure.
  • The price of this Nutri pro 900 watt blender is considerably higher compared to the NutriBullet.
  • This blender does not work with hot drinks. The capacity of retaining heat is limited for this blender.